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    Lightly Used & Never Released Collection

    We give clothes a second chance at life.

    Please note that in this collection, all sales are final.

    We're passionate about giving clothing a second lease on life. Whether it's previously-loved Savage Babe products that have seen their share of wear or sample prototypes personally designed by Monica but never quite made it to an official launch, our commitment to sustainability drives us to recycle and repurpose our clothing.

    If you happen to have any old Savage Babe clothing you'd like to part with, we invite you to reach out to us at As a token of our appreciation, for each product you recycle with Savage Babe, we'll reward you with $5 in-store credit for every product you donate to SBC.

    Otherwise, if you'd like to sell your own Savage Babe Collection products to other ladies in the community, we invite you to join our SBC Clothing Recycle Community Chat here:

    Sorry, there are no products in this collection.

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    So comforting for breasts of all sizes! I’m a breastfeeding mama and struggle to find bras that compliment my ever so changing boobs and this bra fits the mold PERFECTLY! being adjustable allows me to change it throughout the day if needed.

    By far one of the most comfortable sports bras I have ever worked out in. I highly recommend! I normally order medium/large due to being DDD. Fits amazing.

    What I love about these shorts is the stretch, but hold that they provide. The pockets are deep enough to hold my cell phone when I run. I’ve been looking for shorts with deep enough pockets for my phone. I’ve had a couple of pairs that advertised “no phone slipping,” only to have my phone dropped a couple of times while on my run. The scrunch in the fabric accentuates the booty and shows off the hard work that’s being put into my workouts.