Next round of applications will open July 20th, 2020.

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Hi ladies!

Thank you for your interest in our Ambassador Program!! Weeeee! We are honored and thrilled you want to be part of something huge, and we want to give all of you a chance at working more closely with our brand and what we stand for.

Savage Babe is a motivational apparel brand which launched in mid-January of 2018. Our message caters primarily to the empowerment of women through the core fundamentals of self-love, self-care, fearlessness, hard work, alignment, supporting other women, and living a life that means true happiness for us.

​Below, we’ve clearly laid out exactly what we are looking for, and although some of it may seem very concrete, we hope you understand that spots are limited and we won’t be able to chose everyone, although we would like to!

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything you’ve read, please email us at:


What is a Savage Babe Ambassador?

A Savage Babe Ambassador is an affiliated person of Savage Babe whom helps to promote Savage Babe and the brand’s message consistently through one's personal social media platforms & word of mouth.

Since we are helping you grow through our social media platforms, giving you the opportunity at earning cash back, providing you a community to network and grow with other like-minded ladies, and giving to you some free apparel, all we ask of you is to really help us grow our message of women empowerment, attend team meetings, and engage with us! It's pretty simple!


How to qualify and/or be considered to become an Ambassador?

There will be only a single round to the application process: Passing the first set of qualifications. Once you’ve applied when our applications open up and you have been emailed that you've passed, you’re in! To be considered into the program, we will be asking a series of questions.



  • Are you following Savage Babe’s Instagram, Facebook, iTunes, and YouTube accounts?
  • Have you made a genuine purchase from us (meaning it excludes any promotional giveaway items or gift store credit you won or received as a gift)?
  • How consistently do you engage with us on social media (comment on our posts and stories and direct message, repost our posts or podcast episodes)?
  • Have you mentioned or posted about our brand and message on your own account?
  • Do you have a personal brand you are building and an instagram profile that demonstrates this?
  • How much does your own personal brand connect with the message of women empowerment, self-development & positive personal growth?
  • Is your social media account public?
  • How much do you engage with your audience on your social media accounts? (i.e. do you post regularly, are you responding to most comments on your post, do you offer valuable information to your audience? Do you network with other people/ brands on social media?).

    What does the Ambassador Program Entail?

    To allow for the flexibility of more savage babe leaders to join our program, we are now offering two different tiers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 which you will get to select at the beginning of your ambassadorship if you become selected to join the program. The Tier you select will be your contracted Tier and you will be obligated to uphold the requirements of your selected tier throughout your 1-year ambassadorship contract. The next section will provide an overview of each Tier so that you can decide which Tier will be the best option for you and your lifestyle.


    What are the Tiers offered in the Ambassador Program:


    TIER 1 will allow any ambassador in this tier more freedom and flexibility within their lifestyle to socially promote Savage Babe on their platforms at their convenience without any high expectations or obligations of needing to fulfill any quotas each month. This option is best for the savage babe who wants to be part of the Savage Babe Community as a representative and a leader with MORE FLEXIBILITY as an ambassador. 

    The TIER 1 Nonformal Ambassadorship comes with:

    • A 20% off Personal Discount Code.
    • A 10% off Public Discount Code.
    • Every 20 times that your Public Discount Code is used on apparel items (excludes accessories), you will get $10 back in cash to your PayPal account.



    TIER 2 gives an ambassador the option to actively promote Savage Babe each month to earn points which can be redeemed for great incentives like free merchandise, cash back, photoshoots, rare discounts, and more! This option is best for the ambassador who believes she has more than enough time to help actively promote Savage Babe each month while keeping track of all her points and picture proofs using Google Sheets and DropBox. An ambassador in this tier is required to hit 35 points each month to stay in TIER 2.

     The TIER 2 Points & Perks Ambassadorship comes with:

    • A free ambassador tee with your name after 3 months of consistently being in TIER 2.
    • A 20% off Personal Discount Code.
    • A 10% off Public Discount Code.
    • Every 10 times that your Public Discount Code is used on apparel items (excludes accessories), you will get $10 back in cash to your PayPal account.
    • Point & Perk System Incentives to earn free merchandise.


    What's the difference between Tier 1 & Tier 2?


    TIER 1 has MUCH FEWER obligations and expectations and is a much more flexible option than TIER 2 for those who have very busy schedules and do not have time to keep up with fulfilling certain quotas or turning in a google spreadsheet and dropbox at the end of each month. TIER 2 has more responsibility along with MORE INCENTIVES that allow ambassadors to earn free stuff and more cash-back than an ambassador in TIER 1. While TIER 2 allows for free merchandise and other perks, TIER 1 does not.



    Yes, that's correct. If the team of Savage Babe finds that you have been MIA for any reason for a month or more, we may reach out to you via email with a warning that you may be potentially removed from the program. Just because this TIER has fewer obligations or responsibilities, it does not mean we are not taking TIER 1 seriously. The difference is we are MUCH MORE LENIENT for those in this TIER.


    An ambassador in TIER 2 will be allowed to move from TIER 2 over to TIER 1 at any time during the 1- year ambassadorship if they feel that they cannot uphold the requirements every month that TIER 2 is asking for. You will have the option to cash out any remaining points you have left right before you move to TIER 1, otherwise you lose out on your points and perks if you do not redeem them before you get enrolled into TIER 1. In other words, "USE IT OR LOSE IT". You should cash the points out before moving into TIER 1. 

    NOTE: An ambassador in TIER 1 will not have the option to move to TIER 2 at all within their ambassadorship period. Once you are in TIER 1, you'll be assigned that TIER until your ambassadorship is over.


    What are the benefits to becoming a Savage Babe Ambassador?

    1. Featuring you as an advocate of our message by shouting you out periodically on our Savage Babe platforms like our Instagram stories or Facebook page.
    2. An opportunity to free possible professional photoshoots wearing Savage Babe gear.
    3. Points to earn free swag/merchandise, cash, or out-of-state photoshoots.
    4. Gaining connection to meet new & like-minded women within our community.
    5. The opportunity to hang out with us and help us at expos and local events (depending on your time, financials, and location).
    6. Discount/promotional codes.
    7. Periodic early access to purchase new apparel from new launches before the rest of the public.

    How long does the Ambassador Program generally last?

    12 months.


    What are the requirements of me if I was to become an ambassador?

    To help us grow our message & reach more women that our message would benefit:

    • Actively spread our message by posting quality posts about our brand via your Instagram page and stories.
    • Create new Launch-related posts on your social platform.
    • Collaboration/Giveaway-related posts.
    • Possibly modeling new apparel for launches when needed.
    • Helping us promote upcoming launches on your social media page.
    • Attending the ambassador meet & greet video meeting.
    • Promoting your discount code on your social media pages.
    • When we host collaborations/giveaways, ambassadors are expected to help promote it on their social media platforms to help drive audiences over to it.
    • Helping us at expos (if and when the circumstance allow - i.e. financially, time-wise, etc…).

    Unfortunately, our ambassador program does not pay for travel expenses to expos and/or events, so depending on where the expo is located, and if you are an ambassador and are able to make the expo or event, we would love for you to join us our booth! There are some occasions where we will be able to offer room and board for free if you have paid your own travel expenses.


    Is there a chance to grow from an Ambassador to a Sponsored Athlete for Savage Babe?

    As of currently since we are still a small business, not yet. We plan on opening up this opportunity in the future as we grow :)

    What happens if I want to opt out of the Ambassador Program at some point in time?

    You can opt out at anytime for any reason. There is no contract. We do have requirements for ambassadors to follow, and if these needs aren’t met there is potential to lose your ambassadorship with us, which brings us to the following below:


    Is there a possibility to be removed from the program?

    Unfortunately yes it is, and we have done so in the past. It's not ideal for us but sometimes necessary. The following points below are some reasons to be removed from the program:

    • Consistent lack of engagement on your social media platforms in helping us to promote our brand & message.
    • Inconsistency in helping us to support others within the Savage Babe community on IG.
    • If for any other reasons we feel that you have been MIA.


    Is there a possibility to renew my ambassadorship with Savage Babe after the term has ended?

    Yes! If the feeling is mutual and we really feel like you’re a great fit for our brand, we will formally let you know you have been invited back to continue your ambassadorship with us through writing, at which point you will be able to decide if you would like to continue with us.

    Those who have been invited back into the program will not need to re-enter/ fill out another application form.


    What happens after the term has ended and I don’t get a letter inviting me to renew my ambassadorship with Savage Babe?

    You will be able to re-apply alongside other/new applicants if you are interested in continuing your ambassadorship with us!


    Do you have any more questions about the program?

    If so, please email us at