Our Leaders

The Leaders Team at Savage Babe Collection is essential for driving the brand's mission forward. They embody empowerment, inclusivity, and positivity, serving as role models both online and offline. Being a leader means representing the brand's principles, inspiring personal growth, and fostering a supportive community. Additionally, leaders actively contribute to Savage Babe's initiatives, promoting sustainability, body positivity, and charitable causes. Overall, they play a crucial role in shaping the brand's identity and impact, making it a movement for women's empowerment and positive change.

SBC Leader

Meet Lyndsie

Let us introduce you to Lyndsie! She's a 30-year-old go-getter who's currently kickin' butt in school. When she's not hitting the books, you can find her pumping iron at the gym, taking her adorable pups for a stroll, or diving headfirst into something new. She's happily hitched, but hasn't started a family just yet. Oh, and have you heard her nickname? It's "Savage Babe" and it totally fits her fierce attitude and style!

SBC Leader

Meet Eily

Meet Eily, or as she prefers, "Eye-lee"! Eily is a lifelong vegan and a passionate animal lover. When she's not at the gym, you can find her making music and art or spending quality time with her beloved pets – goats, dogs, and bunnies.

Eily's fitness journey began with her own inspiring weight-loss and self-love transformation. She's dedicated to supporting women like you, boosting confidence, and emphasizing that the weight room is a space for everyone. Let's embark on this journey together and empower one another!

SBC Leader

Meet Candis

Meet Candis, your friendly and knowledgeable women's health coach! Candis is passionate about supporting women on their health and wellness journey and specializes in Reiki and massage therapy. With a holistic approach, she combines various wellness activities like sound baths and yoga to promote relaxation and strength.

Candis loves to keep things exciting by incorporating different forms of exercise, such as cycling and paddleboarding, into her coaching sessions. Her warm and friendly personality shines through as she provides personalized guidance to help women achieve optimal health and well-being.

Explore Candis's business further by visiting her dedicated business page: Candis's Business Page

SBC Leader

Meet Desiree

Meet Desiree - a dynamic 35-year-old supermom who juggles multiple roles with ease. As a Health Coach, Life Coach, and Massage Therapist, she's passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle through fitness, nutrition, and holistic approaches. In her downtime, you'll find Desiree biking through mountains or jogging around town. A proud member of our Savage Babe crew, she embraces our message of celebrating women of all sizes and curves. Desiree loves our clothing line for its comfort, style, and the confidence it gives her.

SBC Leader

Meet Kimberlyn

Meet Kimberlyn Magaly Guardado, a 28-year-old powerhouse driven by her passion for self-improvement and fitness. By day, she's a dedicated Amazon delivery driver, ensuring packages reach their destinations with care. But beyond her professional role, Kimberlyn thrives on personal growth and well-being.

In the gym, Kimberlyn finds solace and strength through weightlifting, while outdoor hikes provide her with exhilarating challenges. She's also a competitive bowler and cherishes moments spent with loved ones.

As an advocate for self-love and inclusivity, Kimberlyn is on a mission to eradicate negative self-talk and foster an "I CAN" mentality. She believes in the inherent worth of every individual and inspires others to embrace their journey towards self-empowerment.

SBC Leader

Meet Danielle

Driven by the profound changes she experienced, Danielle, alongside her boyfriend, co-founded BodyShop Fitness in Bothell, WA—a vibrant space dedicated to fostering physical and mental well-being. In 2021, Danielle embarked on her own Health and Fitness Coaching Business, extending her impact online and through in-person sessions and small group training at BodyShop.

Danielle's coaching philosophy goes beyond physical transformations; it's about helping individuals rediscover their inner strength and confidence. Her clients have not only embraced healthier lifestyles but also rekindled their self-love and tapped into their Superwoman Strength. Catch her at BodyShop Fitness or connect on Instagram: BodyShop Fitness for a dose of inspiration. Remember, #thebestisyettocome!

SBC Leader

Meet Laurel

Laurel is embarking on a new journey as she enters her 40s. Having met her husband in San Diego at 22, she now finds joy in guiding her 11-year-old daughter through life's adventures. With a passion for exercise and self-care, Laurel also dedicates her time to studying for Life Coaching certifications and crafting glitter creations for her business, Lk Glitter Kreations. She's a proud Savage Babe ambassador, finding confidence and support within the community's empowering atmosphere. Additionally, Laurel has ventured into the world of coffee roasting with Canyon Bird Coffee Roasters, offering whole beans for direct-to-consumer purchase.

SBC Leader

Meet Mel

Meet Mel! Originally from Northern California, Mel's journey led to Idaho for college and post-grad life. In college, battling mental health struggles ignited Mel's interest in fitness as a healthy outlet. What began as a search for balance became a passion for lifting weights, leading Mel to enlist a coach and dive deeper into the world of fitness.

Now, gearing up for the inaugural bodybuilding show in May 2024, Mel's dedication to training is unwavering. Outside the gym, Mel manages a holistic clinic in Boise, further nurturing a love for wellness and health. When not pursuing fitness or work, you'll find Mel enjoying quality time with a supportive fiancé and adorable kitties. 

SBC Leader

Meet Glenna

Glenna lives for adventure, fueled by her love for animals and a dedication to fitness. Whether exploring nature's wonders through hikes and snowshoeing or diving into the ocean's depths, each moment brings her pure joy.

When not embracing the outdoors, Glenna channels her creative energy into painting, sculpting, and photography. These artistic pursuits allow her vibrant imagination to flourish, adding depth to her already dynamic life. In essence, Glenna's passion for animals, commitment to fitness, love for nature, and artistic flair converge to define her vibrant and spirited essence.

SBC Leader

Meet Samantha

Samantha, a devoted wife, mother, and successful hairstylist, manages her thriving business with dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. Beyond the salon, she passionately embraces fitness, excelling in roller derby and transitioning into coaching to inspire others.

In roller derby, Samantha is a powerhouse leader, combining finesse and tenacity. As a coach, she emphasizes strength and balance, motivating her team to push their physical boundaries. Additionally, Samantha serves as an ambassador leader for Savage Babe Collection, advocating for an active lifestyle and encouraging others to discover their inner warriors.

Balancing family, career, and athletic pursuits, Samantha embodies strength, resilience, and leadership—a modern woman inspiring others to break through limits and chase their dreams with determination. Her story is one of inspiration, illustrating the profound impact of personal growth and empowering others.

SBC Leader

Meet Janea

Meet Janea - a true Idaho native who now calls New Jersey home. By day, she's a dedicated personal trainer, and when she's not, she's dominating as a nationally qualified bikini competitor. But Janea's not just about fitness; she's also a devoted mom. Living a competitive lifestyle brings her immense joy and fulfillment, teaching her virtues like patience and discipline, which she shares with her daughter and clients. Most importantly, Janea finds true happiness in being part of the Savage Babe community, surrounded by inspiring women who lift her up every day. Proud to be a Savage Babe, Janea is a valuable addition to the community.

SBC Leader

Meet Amara

Meet Amara, a resilient and self-made 22-year-old who embodies strength and independence. With a love for nature, she finds solace and adventure outdoors, engaging in activities like mountain climbing, chasing waterfalls, paddle boarding, and crystal hunting.

In her journey to recover from eating disorders over a year, Amara has triumphed over her greatest battles. Fitness has played a crucial role in her recovery, aiding her weight gain journey while nurturing her self-esteem and self-love.

An inspirational figure, Amara spreads positivity and encouragement, touching numerous lives with her uplifting words. Her advocacy for mental health and recovery is profound, evident in her pursuit of becoming a psychiatric nurse. Through this path, she aims to support individuals facing similar struggles, emphasizing that life offers more than limitations and restrictions.

SBC Leader

Meet Kelsea

Meet Kelsea, a 31-year-old Idaho native residing in Harrison. When she's not rocking as the coolest 5th-grade teacher, she's off on adventures – traveling, exploring mountains and lakes, and solo camping. In winter, you'll find her cozying up with a good book or braving the bunny hill.

Fitness has always been Kelsea's passion; she was a D1 college cheerleader and now prioritizes a healthy lifestyle through functional strength training and lifting. As a single mother of three, Savage Babe became a vital source of community, advice, and empowerment during her divorce. She loves sharing the brand's positive energy and values on her social media platform, lifting other women up, celebrating their achievements, and helping them see their inner beauty.

SBC Leader

Meet Hannah

Introducing Hannah, a native of Arizona whose love for the beach contrasts with her deep connection to the desert landscape. At 25, she has explored various career paths, ranging from personal training and physical therapy to dog training and managing a supplement store. It feels as though she's experienced multiple lifetimes already!

As an active dog owner, Hannah finds that these clothes suit her diverse lifestyle perfectly. Whether she's pursuing her passion for bodybuilding, tackling rock climbing challenges, or enjoying thrilling horror movies, these outfits effortlessly adapt to any activity—even special date nights!

Beyond her diverse interests, Hannah has a deep spiritual side, finding solace in hard rock and rap music. Among her many hobbies, bodybuilding holds a special place in her heart. Her ultimate goal? To rise as a Natural bodybuilder in the prestigious IFBB Pro league.

SBC Leader

Meet Cinelle

Meet Cinelle, a 21-year-old from New Jersey, on the verge of graduating as a college senior with aspirations to pursue nursing. Driven by a profound desire to help others and forge connections, she sees fitness as both physical exercise and therapeutic self-care.

Cinelle's fitness journey began in high school, leading to significant weight loss and body recomposition in her freshman year of college. However, the challenges of university life resulted in weight gain, prompting a more mindful approach to fitness.

Through this renewed journey, Cinelle learned the importance of self-compassion, patience, and resilience. Embracing imperfections and starting anew with a positive mindset became crucial lessons for her.

SBC Leader

Meet Valerie

Valerie, a proud Texan, weaves the roles of devoted wife and nurturing mother with her newfound passion for fitness. Embracing this love affair with wellness three years ago, she's uncovered a world where physical growth intertwines with mental and spiritual expansion. As a stay-at-home mom, Valerie finds her sanctuary in the transformative power of fitness, relishing the journey that not only shapes her body but also enriches her mind and soul. With an eagerness to explore and learn, Valerie is on an exhilarating path, eagerly anticipating the adventures yet to unfold in her fitness odyssey.

SBC Leader

Meet Vanessa

Vanessa, a vibrant 27-year-old fitness enthusiast and behavioral specialist, dedicates her days to empowering autistic individuals through teaching functional communication skills. Her passion for fitness beautifully complements her work, allowing her to strike a harmonious balance between her career and personal life. To Vanessa, the key to a fulfilling life lies in nurturing the harmony between mind, body, and soul, and she embodies this philosophy in her daily pursuits.

SBC Leader

Meet Liz

Meet Liz! She's a gym enthusiast who loves weightlifting and kickboxing. Passionate about fitness and health, Liz inspires others through her own journey, believing everyone can find strength and empowerment in their fitness path. As a foodie, Liz enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, finding cooking as therapeutic as weightlifting. She's also a creative soul, indulging in makeup artistry when she's not in the gym.


Meet Michaela

Meet Michaela, or Mich for short! She loves hiking, going on walks, and going to the gym of course. When she’s not getting some gains, she’s at home relaxing with her two cats and fiancé. In her spare time she loves to paint her nails, cook, and play video games. She may only be 5ft tall but she’s got some spunk, so watch out!