Solara Collection

It's the sparkle in our eyes.

Solara Summer Drop

As the days grow longer and the warmth of summer envelops us, there is no better time to embrace the unified theme of light and positivity embodied by the name "Solara" and the Savage Babe Collection. "Solara," with its roots in the Latin word for sun, perfectly encapsulates the radiant energy and life-giving warmth that defines the summer season. This synergy creates a harmonious blend where the sun's brilliance and the vibrant energy of summer seamlessly align with the empowering, positive message at the heart of Savage Babe Collection.


The summer season is a time of vitality, growth, and exuberance, much like the essence of Savage Babe Collection. It’s a season that encourages adventure, self-expression, and the embrace of natural beauty.

Embracing You

Introducing our Summer Collection under the name "Solara" further highlights this synergy. Each piece carries messages of growth, self-love, and empowerment, encouraging wearers to shine brightly and embrace their inner light. The result is a seamless integration where "Solara" becomes synonymous with the Savage Babe Collection’s mission, reinforcing the brand's commitment to celebrating femininity, strength, and positivity.

Solara Fabrics

The Solara Summer Collection continues the tradition of excellence seen in our Aila, Eos, and Renata collections, utilizing the same beautiful buttery soft materials that our customers love. Crafted from a luxurious blend of 81% Nylon and 19% Spandex, this collection features a stretch 4-way material that offers unparalleled breathability and flexibility. Additionally, the fabric is designed to be non-slide proof and squat proof, ensuring maximum comfort and durability for any activity.

What Inspired This Design?

Savage Babe Collection is grateful for the wonderful support from our community of leaders and ambassadors. Each month, we gather for team meetings to hear feedback and ideas on our products.

The Solara fit was inspired by the valuable input we received from these meetings and from the feedback shared by many customers over the past four collections.

When we introduced the Aila Collection, featuring a new fabric, the response was overwhelmingly positive. This led us to incorporate the same fabric into subsequent collections like the Eos and Renata Collections.

Last fall, we launched our first-ever bodysuits with the Eos Collection, which quickly became a fan favorite. The Midnight color sold out within just a few months of its release.

The enthusiasm for our bodysuits, combined with feedback from our community and recent launches, inspired the creation of the Solara product. Designed not only for the gym but also for casual outings, yoga sessions, or hikes, it's a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

We hope you enjoy everything about this collection!