Defective Product Concerns:

If you happen to receive a product with a defect, file claim here:

Limited Edition Product Restocks:

We rarely restock products at Savage Babe Collection due to our strong commitment to climate change initiatives. This commitment influences our decision to maintain a limited edition and unique product approach. To stay informed about our exclusive releases and limited edition items, be sure to join our mailing list.

 Size Inclusivity at Savage Babe Collection:

We appreciate the inquiries about size inclusivity. At Savage Babe Collection, we're actively working to introduce more sizes catering to diverse body types and shapes. Our mission is to achieve this goal within the next two years. Since our establishment in January 2018, we've been diligently growing, and as a small business, we encounter challenges in sourcing sizes like XS, XXL, and XXXL, especially considering that a significant portion of our creations is entirely custom (about 75%). Your patience and support are instrumental in helping us overcome these challenges. With time and growth, we aim to afford upfront bulk costs, enabling us to offer an even broader range of sizes. Thank you for being part of our journey as we strive to make Savage Babe accessible to all women in our community.