Manifest Guided Journal

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Manifest the life you've always wanted just by changing your very thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions about your world... This is the journal that will guide you there.


  • Hardcover with flexible binding
  • Black ribbon bookmark
  • Size: 16 x 24cm portrait format
  • Extent: 85 pages 

    PREFACE SAMPLE: Before you start learning the art of intentional manifestation, it's important to note that whether you are aware of it or not, you are manifesting all sorts of things into your life at every single moment - whether it's something that someone says to you, something that happens like another car cutting you off in traffic, or the parking spot you find at the groceries - you are manifesting on a moment to moment basis. Most of our manifestations are of course, unintentional because a vast majority of us grew up never realizing we have the innate ability to manifest with intention.

    I wanted to create this guided journal to teach you the art of intentional manifestation. That is, how to deliberately create for yourself exactly what you want in life so you don't have to settle for less than what you know you deserve.

    Most of us go through life on autopilot and so we end up manifesting a whole bunch of circumstances, things, experiences, etc... that we don't actually want. If we are THIS powerful, imagine the things you could actually create for yourself if you deliberately worked on manifesting the circumstances, things, experiences, etc... that you actually DO WANT! Now that's wild!

    How exciting is it to know that you are this powerful? That you can literally have, be, and do absolutely anything you want at any moment in time?

    Since you have gone most of your life not realizing you had this amazing superpower, chances are you don't exactly know how to use this superpower of yours. As with anything, it's a skill you have to learn and practice. Just like going to the gym, you have to learn the foundations of effectively using the weights in the gym, how to properly target different muscle groups, and how to progress with the weights as you get stronger. Most importantly, you have to persist and do your best to stay consistent in order to see actual results.

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