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Jumbo Solara Scrunchie - Fruity Tutti

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These scrunchies are perfect for all hair types and sizes, providing a gentle hold without causing any damage or breakage.

Why Satin Silk? Satin silk is renowned for its smooth and soft texture, which minimizes friction and reduces the risk of split ends and hair breakage. Unlike traditional hair ties, our satin silk scrunchies prevent tugging and pulling, ensuring your hair remains healthy and strong. This material also helps to retain moisture, reducing frizz and leaving your hair looking shiny and sleek.

Perfect for Summer: Available in stunning summer colors, these scrunchies will effortlessly complement your vibrant wardrobe. Whether you're sporting a casual look or dressing up, our Jumbo Scrunchies are the ideal accessory to match your Solara and Renata fits perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Material: Premium satin silk for a gentle, no-damage hold
  • Size: Jumbo, suitable for all hair types and sizes
  • Benefits: Reduces hair breakage, retains moisture, minimizes frizz
  • Style: Available in summer colors to match your Solara and Renata outfits
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